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Heather hail's from the wholesome state of Pennsylvania. She is a proud alumni and graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She proudly worked with Baltimore's finest at the prestigious John's Hopkins Hospital in their fast paced emergency rooms. Baltimore is where she reunited with her soulmate and is currently blessed with two beautiful boys. Her boys are proudly named after great men her husband served with in the 506th Infantry Division of the United States Army. Heather is also the Founder of the Virginia Bloggers Club community and blog. The Virginia Bloggers Club offers blogging services to small business owners looking to connect with the best bloggers in the DC, MD, and VA area.

Heather enjoy quotes, tarot reading, meditation, long luxurious afternoons at Fabbioli Winery, Halloween, my darling boys, my husband, Organic soap, Organic beauty, Eco fashion, thrifting, crafting, the scent of lavender, the ocean waves, vitamin D,  and tending to my teeny herb garden. Heather is an Eco-glam fashionista and a foodie that loves to travel! Floral arranging and lavender are her anti-depressants. Her soul enjoys LIVE music, SPIN, yoga, jiu jitsu, krav maga, the beach, and a nice glass of Malbec.

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Official Photographer for Spunky Real Deals

The Official Photographer for Spunky Real Deals is Blaire Ring of Second Ave Photography
Blaire is a photographer born and raised on Long Island. She brings her New York flair to her sessions by keeping them fun and laid back. She is currently shooting lifestyle portraiture in Loudoun County, Virginia.

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