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Perhaps the journey started with turquoise....I cannot be sure anymore. I have always been drawn to Native American jewelry and art. This particular year has been a true journey and one of immense spiritual growth. I will be studying Reiki this year and have already been on a Shamanic journey with a Shaman.

My true passion is for vintage pieces. I love "the story" or true energy behind each and every crystal. But here, you will find more than crystals. You will find items of magic and lots of Native American pieces, because that is what I am drawn too. I can't keep them all(says my husband).

Life is in the present. Remain there as much as you can. During our present journey, crystals assist with our current needs as they change from day to day or even moment to moment. I focus on the meanings behind the crystals. Follow your heart and if a crystal calls to your heart, listen.


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