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Review & Giveaway Policy

Do you run your own business and want me to promote your products with a review and giveaway?

Review Policy
I have a $30 posting fee, unless the item you send me for review is worth $50+ in retail value. I waive the posting fee for $50+ retail review items. I do require a full-sized item for my reviews. My reviews are Eco-friendly only. I require my businesses to give me creative license over the composition of my posts. I write how I feel and take my own photography. If you would like certain photos, links, and specific content included in your review please send these to hef117{at}gmail{dot}com prior to your estimated LIVE date. I will provide the estimated LIVE date to you.

I will not post a negative review. That being said, I cannot compose a review for a product that I would not personally recommend to close family and friends. I will use my own monies to send the item back to you.

Giveaway Policy
My giveaways run over an entire month and are US only. If you are a big corporation{such as Target} those giveaways will run over two weeks. I accept two types of giveaway items: gift certificates OR an item{s} of your choosing. You are responsible for the shipping of the prize at conclusion of the giveaway. I will need two social URLs of your choosing to promote during the giveaway. The rest of the options will be sharing. Sharing will give you the most visibility for the duration of your giveaway. I will do promotions for Eco-friendly businesses only. My contact with my sponsors is minimal during the giveaway duration. That is because I am promoting your giveaway. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to chat further at hef117{at}gmail{dot}com

Giveaway Perks
I will place a 200x200 image of your choosing linking you to your business URL. Your image will remain on my sidebar FREE for the month. You have a friend. I use products more than once in photos and I always try to give the proper credit to that business. For instance, I use sunglasses a lot;-)


Heather P.

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