Hair Color That Is Too Red

If your hair is black or brown, you are prone to get a problem of too much red in your hair. How to fix this issue? The simplest way is to be patient with sticking to a special color routine for a few weeks. You should use a clarifying shampoo to wash your hair for about two weeks. Then, you should apply a purple or blue toning shampoo in the third week. Check out this article to learn how to fix the problem. 

The Reasons Why your Hair Become too Red

This problem happens commonly, especially for those who have black or brown hair. There are two reasons for this. First, you have selected a lighter color than you need. You probably have used a too warm hair dye. 

Dark pigments are accompanied by red and orange pigments. When you apply hair dye to your hair, it will destroy the dark pigments by the dye with ease. When you use a permanent hair dye to dye your hair, the artificial pigments will not get rid of the orange and red pigments. It can get rid of the dark tones in the hair. Therefore, it leads to hair color with orange or red undertones of different intensity.

How to Fix This Problem  

Give it Time

To fix your too-red hair, you should give it time. This safest and easiest method is to let your hair be for a little while. You just have to give your hair daily washes with your shampoos that are not made for dyed hair. 

If you want your hair to get rid of the red tones, you can use hot water to wash your hair. However, it shouldn’t be too hot to damage your scalp. 

After that, you can dye your hair again. However, it’s essential to look for a neutral-in-shade color to help balance the redness left in your hair. 

Use Brown to Tone the Red Down

 Another way you can do if your hair becomes too red is to bring the redness down. You need to use brown hair color and apply it at the same level as one on your hair. However, you shouldn’t keep it on your hair too long. 

We recommend you check the results after ten minutes. If you notice it isn’t toned down as you want, you can keep it for more than 5 minutes. After that, rinse your hair with water. If it still doesn’t work, it’s time to think about using a hair color remover. 

Use a Hair Color Remover

This is also a simple way to fix your too red hair color. This product can eliminate the artificial red pigments on your hair. If you have dyed hair red too many times, this can lead to a big build-up of these pigments on it.


 For many people, red hair color has become very special shades for them today. As long as they find their favorite red, they will not want to change it. However, if their hair is too red after dyed, they will want to solve it right away. We hope our guide above is useful for you. 

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